About the Active Managers Council

The IAA formed the Active Managers Council to foster education and thought leadership regarding active management, curate and sponsor research on active and passive management, and engage on relevant public policy issues. The Council’s member firms represent diverse viewpoints, business models and types of investors.

Active management has always been and remains an important strategy for large institutions and individual investors alike. Passive investing has rightly been recognized over the last decade for the value it offers investors, but that has also led to a misleading narrative that pits active against passive in a false dichotomy. Framing the discussion as binary does investors a disservice. Indeed, both active and passive (and variations in between) have important roles to play in investment management and the markets, and investors should be free to choose the approach that best suits their goals. The Council will serve as a valuable resource for investors and policymakers seeking to learn more about the role of these investment strategies.